At PlantingSpace we want to focus our activity on what is essential to achieving our goal, while working well together. The Way of Work that we use aims to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional models, while adapting to new working styles.

Therefore, the Ways of Work at PlantingSpace differ from traditional organisational approaches.


Most importantly, the organisation’s reason for being is to fulfil its goal, and every large and small task in the organisation is clearly mapped towards it.

We don’t have positions in PlantingSpace. Instead, every member continuously takes on tasks that they commit to deliver according to agreed budget and spec. As tasks are completed successfully and they improve their global understanding of the system, team members can work on bigger problems, as well as propose new ones.

Professional growth and influence in the organisation are reflected by a team member’s ability to move from small tasks that take a few days of their personal time to large ones of high importance that can take several months, large teams or budgets to fulfil.

Nothing is permanent, we constantly reconfigure according to the tasks that need to get done to achieve the goal. Everyone is focused on the goal and has clarity on how they contribute to it. Teams form organically around topics as every person self-selects on what and with whom they want to work.


We work together because we are effective together, and because we all believe that the goal is worth our time. Our Values try to capture the spirit of this work.

Focus: We stay focused on the goal. For each task we ask how it will contribute to the ultimate goal. We focus on those tasks that contribute the most.

Simplicity: We make a constant effort to keep things as simple as possible and not let complexity take over.

Automation: We strive for a higher level of abstraction; we try to avoid letting humans do low level execution.

Transparency: It is transparent to everyone how things work, and how to be successful.

Pushing beyond: We strive to go beyond current frontiers and push the state-of-the-art where it matters.

Collaboration: We understand that big goals cannot be achieved alone; we strive to create aligned incentives to benefit together.