Want to work on the future of AI along a unique approach?
We are sustainably growing our team in the areas of research, software development, operations and business development.
Although we are a fully remote team, we hire predominantly in European time zones.

You get to work with a diverse and inclusive group of accomplished researchers, engineers and business professionals who value collaboration, curiosity and having interesting problems to work on, at all levels. We believe in co-ownership, so you can become a shareholder of PlantingSpace from day one. What matters to us are outcomes, not when and from where you work, so we are 100% remote with team members currently across 14 countries. We meet every quarter in enjoyable locations around Europe, to work and spend time together.

Check out our Organisation page to learn more about our company and ways of work. Watch the videos below to get a feeling for what our team retreats are like, and what team members say about working at PlantingSpace, as well as some of the topics they work on.


Software Engineering

Work on implementation of our system. The codebase is complex, but well structured. All tasks contribute to improvement of our core product. We automate processes. We take care to help and learn from each other.

Design of solutions for complex implementation problems
Implementation of clean, robust and performant code
Reasoning about datastructures and algorithms
Core: Julia, metaprogramming,
probabilistic programming
Infrastructure: GitLab, Terraform, Serverless
Frontend: TypeScript, React, D3

Work on theoretical foundations of our system. Problems are general, but immediately applicable to the implementation. We develop a theoretical framework using category theory, so expect a lot of connections across domains to be made.

Reasoning at high layers of abstraction
Formally proving results
Writing without excessive jargon
Bayesian statistics
Symbolic computing
Optimization algorithms
Applied Category Theory

Working with us

We’ve created this video playlist to convey a sense of our team culture, and to share a few insights into our research topics. Check out some impressions from our team retreats, as well as conversations with team members about what we work on, and what it’s like to work at PlantingSpace.